ASYA MACHINERY was established in 1978 by İmran ÜNAL.
It started machining by manufacturing machinery and equipments for rubber factories. Then, it has successfully manufactured...More
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Our manufactures
  • Slicing
    Adjustable slice thickness. space-saving, excellent ...More
    Traverse Spindle For Coil Winding
    Traverse spindles (shapers) for coil winding are manufactured at any pitch....More
  • Gas
    Filling Head
    Various filling and gas transfer heads
    Manufacturing ...More

    Pallet Chain

    Manufacturing pallets in various sizesManufacturing pallet chains used... More

  • Self aligning Ball Bearing

    Manufacturing self aligning ball bearings matching the spindle’s diameter ...More


    Manufacturing folding spindles to fold materials at the desired precision in various profiles...More

  • Bended Plate
    And Discs

    Adjustable slice thickness. space-saving, excellent ...More


In the following years the gas filling plant, manufacture of filling head, tube mills, paper mills and cloth factories, according to the demands ...More
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